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SCD series


The Speed Commander Door series door controllers integrates our patent pending inverter drive with the control and safety circuitry in one compact package.
The SCD series provides a full-fletched, fully integrated, door control system which meets all safety standards relevant to industrial door control.

The intuitive graphical user interface provides a comprehensive range of configurable parameters, as well as live diagnostics feedback which enables easy setup of the system as a whole, and cuts service downtime to an absolute minimum.

Wireless connectivity:

The SCD series includes SCip connectivity out of the box enabling wireless connection to most products in the wireless products category.

 Key features:

  • General purpose digital inputs: 
    • 20 x 24V tolerable.
    • 2 x 24V tolerable or quadrature encoder inputs.
    • Foil buttons
  • Safety related inputs: 
    • 8K2 terminated edge. N.O. – Cat. 2 / P.L.d.
    • O.S.E. safety edge system.
    • 2 x NPN & PNP NC / D.O.T. type photocells or light curtain systems (front and rear).
    • Emergency stop circuit.
  • Outputs:
    • ​12V output for O.S.E. safety edge system.
    • 5 x 24V.
    • 5 x 24V switchable.
    • 2 x Photocell transmitter.
    • 4 x Auxiliary relays.
    • 1 x Power relay.
    • Brake resistor chopper output.
  • ​Mains input:
    • ​Up to 400V +6 / -10% depending on model.
  • Motor output:
    • ​Up to 4KW - depending on model.
  • ​Interfaces:
    • LCD graphics display.
    • Two RS485 channels, of which one is dedicated to encoder communications.
    • SCip wireless.
  • Optional internal mains filter.

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