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SCD UPS mini

SCD UPS mini


The SCD UPS mini is an industrial emergency power supply that has been developed to provide power for industrial doors in case of power failure. The robust design of the power output stage has been made to handle the load of the frequency inverter in the door control with high reliability.
The UPS has very flexible setup options enabling advanced possibilities for providing power only when needed. It has a programmable relay output and 3 programmable inputs where 1 of them is opto isolated. This can be used to control operation of when to supply power, go into standby or wakeup from standby state. The integrated SCip wireless system enables 2 way wireless communication between the UPS and the SCD door controls. This adds even more possibilities for interactions between the devices.
The UPS has a low power standby state that makes it possible to wake up and move the door even after a long period of mains failure.
The functionality and operation of the UPS is monitored to prevent unwanted operation of the system. This also includes monitoring and testing of the battery capacity, and battery health. The battery is charged and maintained by an advanced charging algorithm to extend the life of the battery. The UPS will notify the user to change the battery before it reaches the end of life which ensures optimal system performance available when needed.

Even though the UPS has been designed for door applications it can also supply power to a lot of other equipment. It is able to provide backup power for many IT products such as small servers, office computers, routers, Wi-Fi spots etc. Whereas most UPS' only provides a very rough, chopped up line voltage, the SCD UPS mini provides the load a true sinusoidal AC which makes it suitable for nearly any appliance within the rated output power. The SCD UPS mini has been designed using a very efficient topology with modern components chosen. This together with the inter-device communication has allowed for a very compact design which is down to 1/4 size of most competitors.

Wireless connectivity:

The SCD series includes SCip connectivity enabling wireless connection to the SCD/SCD mini door controllers. This minimizes the need for wires in the installation and enables 2 way communications between the devices.

Key features:

  • True sinusoidal output.
  • Compact industrial design.
  • Programmable inputs and outputs.
  • Robust and fast error detection.
  • Wired RS485 communication.
  • Wireless SCip enabling 2 way communications with Speed Tech door controls.
  • Low standby consumption which enables UPS power up long time after mains failure.
  • Programmable standby and wake-up behavior.
  • Programmable start and stop conditions.
  • Highly optimized, automated battery charging and maintenance.
  • Battery supervision and defective battery alert.
  • Adjustable sinusoidal AC output: 220-240V AC / 48-52Hz.
  • Remote monitoring by Door-Net
  • Easy to use GUI interface
  • Easy firmware upgrade – enabling customized firmware solutions.

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