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SCip Wireless

The SCip wireless protocol, developed primarily for wireless control of industrial doors and gates can be defined by the three main features/advantages which makes it the uniq protocol that it is.

Low battery consumption:
A key point during the development of this system, making it ideal for stand-alone peripherals by extending the operational time inbetween battery replacement, in fact, it is more likely that the products will physically be worn down over time rather than the battery will run out, therefore most of our SCip wireless products does not even provide the option to replace the battery, simply because it will not become necessary.

Advanced two-way communications:
The data packages sent are received by awaiting an acknowledgement from the receiving part, automatic retries furthermore enhances the reliability. These actions happens so fast that the user will not notice any delay, which in turn is also one of the reasons for the very low current consumption.

Installation and setup time is cut to a minimum:
Because the SCip wireless products does not require any wiring* the system only requires a simple first-time enabling of the battery and a subsequent pairing with the host.
The battery enabling is done because the SCip wireless products are of course as most other products stored in a warehouse until they're sold and therefore the battery must remain disconnected until it will be used. This ensures that the battery is fresh and completely unused when the products reach the end user.

*With the exception of the Universal Receiver and the LED strip

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