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SCE - Absolute

SCE - Absolute


The SCE - Absolute™ is a magnetic field based encoder capable of resolving the rotating field of the SCE magnet into 200 positions per revolution.

By using the SCE Absolute with the SCE Battery Box, absolute positioning is enabled and reference run is no longer necessary after the initial setup. This makes it possible to operate the door immediately after power is applied to the system.

The encoder does only output data when connected to a 24V source which means that this is still obligatory for it to operate properly.
When the 24V is disconnected the encoder enters advanced power saving mode by dynamically decreasing current consumption while still storing positions if movement is detected.

All variants of the encoder has a build-in diagnostic LED for use during installation. By sensing the magnetic field strength the encoder will indicate if the current position is sufficient for reliable operation; if the LED flashes green when the magnet is rotating the alignment is acceptable, if red further adjustment is needed.

The SCE™ encoders are primarily developed for installations with a 
SCD or SCD mini series door controller.

Output details:


An internal 32bit counter enables the encoder to store up to roughly 4,3 billion positions, or 2,1 million revolutions, which, if the encoder is connected to our SCE Battery Box, are stored for at least 10 years.


Because this encoder communicates using the industrial RS485 protocol, information about the position, battery level, and magnetic field status is available to the controller.

Key Features:

  • Easy installation and retrofitting.
  • Suitable for all motor types or rotating parts.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Hot-molded waterproof IP65 rated enclosure.
  • LED diagnostic light.
  • Dynamic sleepmode (30uA).
  • Up to 3000 rpm.
  • 10 year battery lifetime.

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Please note that without the SCE - Battery Box the output is incremental since no information is stored while power is disconnected.

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