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SC Encoder

SC Encoder


The SC Encoder is a magnetic field based encoder capable of resolving the rotating field of the magnet into 4, 20 or 50 pulses per revolution depending on model, the pulses are then output as a 90° phase shifted A and B signal.

The encoder is designed to be installed inside the motor fan cowl and the magnet on the motor shaft.
This makes it universal as it requires no special adapters, spacers or similar on the motor flange or gearbox.

The SC Encoder is primarily developed for installations with a SCD or SCD mini series door controller.

Key Features:

  • Economical solution
  • High reliability
  • No maintenance
  • Simple 4 wire connection
  • Mechanically protected - Mounted inside the motor fan cowl
  • 3 models with respectively 4, 20 and 50 pulses per revolution
  • ​Same encoder fits ALL motor sizes

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