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OSE-S 6506 Photocells

OSE-S 6506 Photocells


The OSE-S 6506 3 wire Optical Sensing Edge transmitter and receiver pair are designed for use with rubber safety edges for industrial door applications.

The OSE-S 6506 are fully compatible with our SCD or SCD mini series door controllers and wirelessly connectable to these through the Safety Edge.

The system is ordinarily sold as a pair, i.e. one transmitter and one receiver, however these are also individually available for purchase.

Key features:

  • Cat. 3 PL. d. compliant (EN ISO 13849-1).
  • Low power version suitable for battery applications.
  • Up to 10 meters sensing range.
  • Designed for use with rubber safety edges.
  • Moulded design to meet IP 68 rating.

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