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Since 1986 we have been developing door control systems for the industrial market segment.
Our patent pending designs utilizes high quality electronical components, and our products are widely regarded as being very rugged and reliable while meeting the safety requirements related to the business.
To maintain complete control over the production processes, we have kept all critical tasks inhouse. This allows for ultimate control of both product quality as well as cutting production time to a minimum to the benefit of our customers.

Why our products?

Safety :
Our electronics is driving moving parts, personal safety is one of the most important aspects of this business and something which we adhere strongly to.

Uptime is money saved. Product lifetime is closely related to this which is why we have developed our products to last as long as possible.

Because the less peripherals you need in a given installation, the simpler and cheaper you can fulfill the task at hand. We have developed our products with what we believe to be all necessary functions readily available so that our products are highly beneficial to any installation not only by the prime functionality.

Ease of use:
Since our products in most installations require human interaction in one way or another we've put a lot of effort into both the ease of initial setup of the installation, and system diagnostics feedback in service scenarios.

Information and Support